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Dr. Hakim Boulal

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IPNI North Africa
Agence Samir, BP 1303
Settat, 26000
Dr. Boulal is a native of Youssoufia city, one of the important phosphate production sites in Morocco. He received his B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences in 1988 from the National School of Agriculture in Meknes, Morocco. Dr. Boulal completed a Ph.D. program on Biology and Agronomy in 1996, from the National School of Agronomy of Rennes (France). In 2010, Dr. Boulal completed his second Ph.D. program from the University of Cordoba (Spain) on conservation agriculture including soil and water conservation, crops and irrigation aspects.

Dr. Boulal has an extensive work background within the North African region that began within Morocco’s National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) where he became involved in research/development and agronomy research programs. As a research scientist with INRA, Dr. Boulal worked in various national and international projects. He made significant contributions in improving cereal crop management, to developing suitable methods of conservation agriculture, implementing decision support systems for cereal production, agro-meteorology, and leading a program on the evaluation of raised-bed planting systems for irrigated wheat in Morocco.

More recently, Dr. Boulal has worked within the International Centre of Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) where he coordinated research projects on improved water management for sustainable mountain agriculture; options for coping with increased water scarcity in agriculture; and development and dissemination of sustainable irrigation management in olive.


B.Sc (Technic and rural development), National Agricultural School (ENA Meknes) - Morocco 1988
DEA (Biology and Agronomy), University of Rennes I - France 1991
PhD (Biology and Agronomy), High National Agronomic School of Rennes (ENSAR) - France, 1996
DEA (Conservation Agriculture), University of Cordoba - Spain 2008
European PhD (Conservation Agriculture), University of Cordoba - Spain 2010

Experience professionnelle

National Coordinator Project of Inegrated and Water Land Management Program (IWLMP) at the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Area (ICARDA)
Research Scientist in Agronomy and Natural Resource Program, INRA Morocco
Responsible of a Research Development Unit of INRA Morocco
Member of Water Use Efficiency project, CIHEAM Bari Italy-INRA Morocco
Member of Integrated Natural Resource management project, ICARDA - INRA Morocco
Member of Decision Support System for Cereal Production in North Africa, IFDC-INRA Morocco
Leadership of research program on raised-bed planting systems for irrigated wheat in INRA Morocco

Publications selectionnees

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